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Your expert in dementia and anchor in aging

Trovato, LLC provides dementia services and information to those living with Dementia, impacted by Dementia, working with someone with Dementia, and those wishing to learn more about Dementia.


Trovato, LLC looks at each company or person individually so that our recommendations are truly more personalized than what you’d find in an internet search or in a book.

The goal of Trovato, LLC is to provide skills and information to manage challenges that arise with dementia to those impacted by or and providing care for those with dementia (professionally or as a family or friend care partner). Not only do we develop an individualized plan, we also provide an anchor of stability.

Valuable information for families and professionals.

Dementia and Moving


A few of the tips we provide to clients helping someone with dementia transition from one living environment to another.

Whether it is from the home to an assisted living community, from one community to another, or from Assisted Living into dementia care, Trovato, LLC can help ease that transition. Knowing that a dementia expert is helping to ease this transition from the inside can help make the process easier for everyone.

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Your expert in dementia and anchor in aging

Provide true Person-Centered Care in your community.

Understanding and support.

Learn about dementia from a thought leader.

Trovato is different. We use a comprehensive assessment process whether we are working directly with individuals with dementia and their care partners or professionals, communities, or home care companies. We use a person-centered approach to improve your techniques and yield better results while improving everyone’s quality of life. Our approach combines knowledge, empathy  analytical observation, and hands-on coaching. When you work with Trovato, you can expect to have a thorough understanding of the process and to receive the best information for your particular situation. Expert dementia specialists provide you with an exceptional  experience.

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Trovato, LLC helps both professionals working with people with dementia and family and friends impacted by dementia by providing personalized guidance and solutions that you can’t get anywhere else.

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