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Your expert in dementia and anchor in aging

Trovato, LLC provides dementia services and information to those living with dementia, impacted by dementia, professionals working with people with dementia, and those wishing to learn more about dementia.

About Us

After working in non-profit and for-profit settings with families and professionals, Trovato, LLC President, Dementia Expert, and Gerontologist,  Mikki Firor, M.S., opened Trovato, LLC in 2015 to help bridge the gap that was causing confusion, frustration, and burn out in dementia care. With over 15 years of experience working with older adults with and without dementia, Trovato, LLC is happy to help individuals and professionals across the United States create a plan focusing on keeping things positive, safe, and encouraging independence. 

We have given confidence and peace of mind back to families through thoughtful planning and education. We empower professionals with training and practical techniques to provide effective and safe care. We are excited to continue growing and helping more people. Trovato, LLC is your expert in dementia and your anchor in aging!


Mikki Firor, M.S.

Gerontologist and Dementia Expert

Trovato promised to take care… and delivered

What our clients are saying

  • Trovato, LLC is not only knowledgeable in the field but passionate about their work. The training Trovato provided to our staff was instrumental in enhancing our ability to care for those with the most complex needs due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their strategies and tactics are pragmatic, effective, and can be used immediately. We appreciate their professionalism, responsiveness, and compassion for the people they serves.
    Happy Trovato Client
  • I’m very appreciative of the constant support of Trovato, LLC. They've been encouraging, calming, supportive and educational. As a result, I’ve regained my sense of peace regarding my father’s progressive dementia care.
    Happy Trovato Client
  • Trovato is the first of its kind. Dementia expert, Mikki Firor, has created a service that every family and individual working through the challenges of dementia deserves. I would say that Trovato’s individualized plans and services are invaluable.
    Happy Trovato Client
  • Trovato, LLC has given me such confidence in dealing with my husband’s behaviors caused by severe stage Alzheimer’s Disease. Mikki gave me great suggestions and recommendations in my husband’s care. I thought living with a loved one with AD I must know it all! Mikki has amazing knowledge and expertise in her field and guided me with such grace and respect. I couldn’t have done it without her! Commendable.
    Happy Client
  • I have never met anyone so knowledgeable, hands on and caring about people with dementia. I would recommend Trovato to anyone in need of your services.
    Happy Client
  • Working with Trovato, LLC is an absolute pleasure. Mikki’s expertise in dementia and the training she provided our company helped our staff become more knowledgeable and understanding about a large portion of our client base. What I enjoyed most was Mikki’s personal, custom approach to providing the training. Mikki’s belief in her company’s service gets you excited about dementia care and working with older adults. She is a wonderful resource and a true professional.
    Happy Client
  • Trovato, LLC provides the type of services that every family dealing with dementia needs. I only wish I had discovered the company seven years ago when my mother was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Trovato, LLC has helped me navigate the very stressful and difficult world of caring for a parent with Alzheimer's.
    Happy Client
  • It was truly inspiring to see the hands on approach that Mikki had with the residents. It was helpful and it showed us techniques to try. Mikki’s trainings gave me a better understanding of dementia. I learned tools like redirection, validation, and live in their reality. These tools made my job easier because I was able to better help the residents and work with them, rather than against them.  Understanding dementia and how to provide more efficient care were assets that helped me to feel more confident in my job.  Overall I felt more supported and happier at my job because I felt confident and I had all the tools to give the best quality care. I would highly recommend Mikki’s coaching style. I have a passion for helping people living with dementia and I am incredibly thankful to Mikki for the knowledge and tools she has given me that helped me to feel empowered and grow in my career.
    Dawn Wooten Assistant Director of Memory Care, The Kensington Senior Living
  • I had a new resident come to our Assisted Living Facility that was very challenging with aggressive behaviors and agitation.  Mikki spent a lot of time observing the resident in her new home, and the staff’s interaction with the resident.  After observing and coordinating with the nursing staff; Mikki began coaching our staff on different ways to respond and divert our resident while maintaining her individual needs.  I was absolutely shocked that after two weeks, our resident’s behaviors have become completely managed!  She is thriving at her new home, and our staff has learned valuable skills that they can implement with our other residents.  I now recommend Trovato to our families that are struggling with loved ones.
    Atta Cucina, RN Director of Nursing, Larmax Homes
  • I have known Mikki for years. Her dedication and love for helping those dealing with loved ones with dementia is unmatched. Since moving out of state Mikki has helped me via phone regarding a loved one and I couldn’t be any happier. She’s calming, informative and patient. It’s nice to know she’s a phone call away willing to answer any questions at any time.
    Jillian Care Partner
  • THANK YOU MIKKI AND THE TROVATO TEAM! I can't express my gratitude that I have for your compassion, patience, and understanding during this challenging time in life for myself, my dad, and my siblings. After one phone call I felt immediately at ease and understood by Mikki and she answered questions for me I didn't even know I had. Your company is making this difficult time that much easier and more manageable and my family thanks you to the moon and back!!
    Molly Care Partner
  • As a client of Trovato I must say working with Mikki has been a rewarding experience. My mother, 93 and suffering with Alzheimer's, has shown remarkable signs of positive improvement since starting services at the beginning of the year! Mikki has not only helped us navigate the challenging issues associated with her care but has brought us lessened sense of anxiety through her warm and compassionate approach.
    Sam Lish Care Partner and CEO of Advanced Nursing and Home Support.
  • Mikki and her team at Trovato are incredible! They truly are so knowledgeable about dementia and helping families and clients to feel their best and navigate this tricky disease. The solutions Mikki and her team have are phenomenal. I highly recommend giving them a call if you have a family member with Dementia.
    Aubrey Reinmiller CEO of Vitality Fitness and Wellness
  • We have had a chance to collaborate with Trovato several times for educational programs and I am highly impressed by both Ms. Firor and the Company she has built. Very professional and well-educated on dementia care.
    Dr. Vivek Sinha CMO and Co-Founder of Belleview Medical Partners
  • When I think of dementia and who in the field is my go to in anything related to the disease, it’s Mikki. I have witnessed her first hand in dealing with some really difficult cases and she works miracles. Working with her is an honor and a pleasure and would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients.
    Steve Lahn Advanced Nursing and Home Support
  • I would highly recommend your community utilizing Mikki and her dementia services. She has a passion for seniors, is a wonderful support to families, and staff appreciate her recommendations. Her hands-on approach, as well as her experience at the community level is extremely beneficial to dementia care planning and behavior interventions.
    Iris Pierce Associate Executive Director of Kensington Park Senior Living
  • Mikki is compassionate, determined, and extremely intelligent. Her forward thinking and professionalism helped to make an extremely difficult decision much smoother for so many residents and their families.
    Samantha Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Morningside House
  • Mikki has been a great connection in the senior services industry. She is knowledgeable in her field and offers a high level of empathy with her clients. She also offers an excellent training program for facilities offering dementia care. Her hands-on approach to dementia care, drive for excellence, and charismatic personality has a lasting impact on the staff, clients, and caregivers.
    Iris Pierce Associate Executive Director, Kensington Park Senior Living
  • I have been pleased to have Mikki present numerous topics to Anne Arundel County caregivers at numerous conferences and workshops. Her passion and knowledge has had a positive impact on both the family and professional caregivers who have heard her speak. I hope we continue this partnership in providing education and support to this group of individuals!
    Mary Chaput Program Director, Anne Arundel County Area Agency on Aging
  • My parents live in Austin...I live here in the Washington DC area, so when my father started displaying signs of dementia, it was a challenge I did not plan to face. Watching my father decline was hard, but watching my mother refuse to accept his condition and seek professional help was harder. My wife and I were fortunate to attend a seminar taught by Ms. Mikki Firor, a Gerontologist here in the DC area. Finding professional consulting help, to figure out how to navigate this life stage, was Exactly what we needed. Mikki accepted us as clients, and over a two years period, she helped us think through how the get all the siblings aligned and how to help my mother gain more information about the stages and progress of dementia. Mikki even agreed to fly out to meet with my mother in Texas, And she built a rapport with her. After my father’s third hospitalization, and after two years of consulting assistance, my mother accepted the truth. Even after We moved him Into a memory care unit, Mikki still helped my mother deal with the transition. Having an outside professional really made the difference!! I would 100% recommend Trovato LLC if you are at that life stage with aging parents. Don’t walk the path alone when you could have help along the way!!
    Billy Bob Brown Jr. Care Partner